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Goal: $125,000

graphic showing progress towards goal
graphic showing progress towards goal


Where does your donation go?

  • 98% of all donations stay in our community.
  • For a donation of $100 or more, you can support any 501(c)(3) of your choice.

What does your donation do?

  • Prepares children for school
  • Increases high school graduation rates
  • Supports children’s health and well being
  • Supports and empowers families

What United Way-supported agencies directly help people at the U of A?

For more information, contact Rachel Gerner or your unit's Campus Coordinator.

The U of A United Way

The University of Arkansas improves people’s lives.

The U of A United Way campaign is one way we do that – and has been for the past 84 years.

This year’s campaign runs through the month of October.

You Can Help

Your participation makes a positive difference for thousands of children and their families living in poverty. How many children? According to the most recent figures, 1 in 6 children in Northwest Arkansas lives below the poverty level.

These children are our future students, our future employees – they are our future.

Participate in the U of A United Way campaign by volunteering your time in our community – or by making a donation.

All donations to the U of A United Way campaign go to the United Way of Northwest Arkansas, and 98 percent of that money goes directly to the local programs helping children and their families.

How Your Donation Helps

There are 33 Northwest Arkansas programs affiliated with the United Way that focus on early childhood development, out of school time for students and developing self-sufficiency.

When you donate to the United Way, you know that the programs you are supporting have been thoroughly researched, that you are dealing with one of the leanest, most efficient charitable organizations in the world and that your money is going to help the people whose lives you want to improve.

For example, United Way-supported programs:

  • Provide 5,661 low-income children quality afterschool and summer programs.
  • Prepare over 553 low-income teens to earn certifications in high-demand skills related to healthcare, technology, and construction.
  • Create a pathway to post-secondary education for Marshallese children through Child Savings Accounts, a program run through the U of A’s School of Social Work.

You can also make a designated gift to your favorite local non-profit through the United Way – as long as the gift is $100 or more and the agency is designated as a 501c3 by the IRS.

Click the red button in the top right hand corner to make a donation to the U of A United Way, and help carry on a Razorback tradition that has lasted more than eight decades.

Note: Payroll deductions start in January 2019. Employees who are currently contributing to the United Way through payroll deduction will need to complete a new pledge (preferably online) to continue giving.

Donations made by payroll deduction are not deducted on a pre-tax basis but may be tax deductible.

For more information, please contact your campus coordinator, listed below by college and unit.

Campaign Leadership

Rachel Gerner
United Way Campaign Coordinator

Chris McCoy
United Way Campaign Chair

Matt Waller
United Way Campaign Co-Chair

Campus Coordinators

Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences
Brad Simmons

Alumni Association
Lisa Ault

Architecture and Design
Elizabeth Tetley

Elvis Moya

Leslie Pounds

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Anthony Taylor

Chancellor's Office
Marcia Overby

College of Education and Health Professions
Stephen Dittmore

College of Education and Health Professions
Doug Talbott

College of Engineering
Janet Walker

Division of Agriculture
Karen Love

Enrollment Services
Dave Dawson

Enrollment Services
Cliff Murphy

Facilities Management
Laura Wood

Facilities Management
Lori Kruse

Facilities Management
Mike Johnson

Finance & Administration
Betty Blomberg

Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences
Jeannie Whayne

General Counsel
Kim Harriman

Global Campus
April Taylor 

Global Campus
Ann Gallaher

Graduate School and International Education
Cassie Franklin

Graduate Student Congress
Arley Ward

Honors College
Michael Zachary

Honors College
Reynelda Augustine-Robinson

Ben Micek

Human Resources
Bobby Sucre

Human Resources
Shelly Gahagans

Human Resources
Valerie Casey

Internal Audits
Ann Gearity

IT Services
Chris Butler

IT Services
Rachel Gerner

Law School, Dean's Office
Darinda Sharp

Provost's Office
Kathie Biondi

Student Affairs
Katie Doughty

University Advancement
Steve Voorhies

University Libraries
Jeff Banks

University Libraries
Kelsey Lovewell

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Chris McCoy

Walton College of Business
Carolyn Eiler

Walton College of Business
Lori Lieblong

Walton College of Business
Matt Waller